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Human Capital Measurement Development

“I have been asked to quantify my “value add” – where do I begin?”


In all areas related to the measurement of the contribution of Human Resources, the starting point needs to be the strategy of your business. When Hannon Associates consults with you on the development of a measurement program, we start by having you do some pre-work to define, at a high level, the business strategy and how the HR strategy connects to it. The information obtained in this analysis will help in the determination of the correct measurements from both a strategic and operational point of view.


While the state of the HR function is pointed to achieving a more strategic stature within the organization, it is important to remember that satisfactory delivery of the core HR processes is the “ticket of admission” to involvement of a more strategic nature. Therefore, any effort to establish a measurement program needs to start looking inside at HR - The Business.The definition of these measures becomes even more critical if you have outsourced or are considering outsourcing some or all of the core HR processes.


After the basics have been addressed, we begin the process of identifying the measures that directly relate to the HR and business strategy, i.e., HR - The Strategic Link. Finally, for those who have operated in a strategic partnership for some time, it may be time to shift the focus to Human Capital - The Ultimate Value Add.


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