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Human Capital Measurement Assessment

“Knowing that we had to get better at quantifying our performance, we built an HR measurement program - but I am not sure we’ve done it right. I wish there was someone who could look at what we’ve done and provide some feedback”


At Hannon Associates, we recognize that for many organizations this is new territory for the HR team. Most organizations do not have the luxury of dedicating resources to this area and have assigned it to staff members as an “additional responsibility.” We can help by providing that independent view of the work you have currently developed.


As in our measurement development consulting engagements, we will ask you to complete some pre-work to help construct an overview of your business strategy and how the HR strategy is aligned with it. We will then take the measures and reporting approaches that you have established and provide a written assessment with recommendations for improvement.


For more information, contact us at info@hannonassoc.com